How To Block Someone On Coin Master

The goal of Coin Master, the most engaging and played game in the world, is to expand one’s village so that one can progress to higher levels. However, attacks on the village have slowed this progress. sometimes we need to block someone on coin master game and this article for this from this we will know how to do that 

Facebook is the primary means of communication between players. Therefore, the friends you have in your profile on the popular social network will be the same friends you have in Coin Master. So, if you want to stop someone from playing, you have to delete them from Facebook. Doing will remove it from your in-game friend list. If you wish to keep in touch with him on the social network, you can always send him a friend request again.

Here we will show you the quickest and most efficient method of blocking someone in coin master. There are occasions when we want to block someone on coin master but don’t want them to be on our list of players. In this guide, we’ll teach you the quickest and easiest approach, and you will know how to block someone on coin master .

Why Block Someone in Coin master?

Coin Master is a popular game, and it is the most downloaded game in nearly every mobile operating system shop. Over fifty million people have downloaded this game from the Google Play store, and it’s done similarly well in the Apple App Store. 

The events and other contests in Coin Master are the best part of the game since they provide a dynamic setting for players to enjoy themselves. The popularity of Coin Master is paradoxical, as some users seek to block others because of the negative contributions of a small number of other users.

It is sometimes necessary to block other players in the Coin Master game to save your own village from being damaged. This is because there are some players in the game who just target your village, and they just keep targeting your village. This can cause you to lose a significant amount of coins and other important things in the game.

It’s vital to remember that the person we blocked might not disappear from our contact list for up to 24 hours. That being the case, there is no instant method of dismissal. For the next few hours, you will continue to be the target of attacks, but eventually, you will be able to avoid any further contact with the aggravating source.

How To Block Other Players in Coin Master?

It’s common to want to prevent further attacks from a specific player in Coin Master. Therefore we’ve included a guide with instructions on how to do it in a matter of seconds. Keep in mind that the entire point of the Coin Master game is to raid and assault other villages before we explain to you the specifics of how to do this. This means that blocking a player on the coin master game is not always required.

How to Block a person on coin master?

When you link your Facebook account to Coin Master, you can add friends only by adding them as Facebook friends first and then adding them as friends in Coin Master. In order to prevent someone from becoming a coin master, you must take the following measures:

  1. Go ahead and sign into your Facebook account.
  2. The next step is to locate the friend in Coin Master whom you wish to block.
  3. In order to unfriend a player, you must now delete them from your Facebook friends list as well.
  4. Go to the person’s Facebook page.
  5. There’s a button to delete the friend from the coin master game on the upper left.
  6. Finally, the end!! Following these steps is similarly simple for removing a friend from Coin Master.

How To Block village attacks by using the shield?

You can only defend your village with 5 shields while they recharge. These shields are available as slot machine prizes. If your town is under siege, you can utilize your shield to fend off attacks from your allies or any outsiders. Your shield has a maximum defense of 5.

How To Block village attacks by using Rhino Pet?

After collecting all of the cards featuring a certain creature, you can unlock that creature’s third pet, a rhino. You need to feed it to keep it awake and in working order. Then, and only then, will it be able to fend off the assaults? It will stay awake for four hours after being fed.

How To Protect The Shield In Coinmaster?

It is recommended to play until you hear three shields for this strategy. If your community has less than three shields, you may pause the game. If you lose all three shields at once, you’ll have to start the game over. As a result, no harm will come to your village from outsiders. When your shields run out, you can earn more by spinning the wheel. Don’t forget to claim your daily free spin if you’re running low on spins.


Finally, we have completed our overview of how to block someone on a coin master case. If you are a complete newbie to the game, this guide will help you with everything. If you read this, you’ll be able to better defend your village from invaders.


Question: Can I block friends on coin master?

Answer: Yes. Sure, you can. Your village will be safe from your friends’ attacks if you use the block feature on Coin Master.

Question: Why does it say the connection is lost while attacking?

Answer: The game will crash if you use any other programs at the same time. This can only be accomplished by starting over with a fresh installation of the game.

Question: In Coin Master, how do you unfriend someone?

Answer: If you want to prevent them from attacking your village, all you have to do is remove them as Facebook friends.

Question: Once in ghost mode, how do you get your coins back?

Answer: It’s a way for players to avoid having their villages tracked or attacked by online opponents.

Question: How do I hide my village on coin master?

Answer: When in ghost mode, your village will be invisible to enemies. In order to guarantee the safety of your village.

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