Coin Master Card Set list 2023

All the Latest Coin Master Card Sets 

In Coin Master, you can gather cards and utilize them in fights against other players. Cards are the game’s main currency and may be found in plenty throughout the town areas. The more cards you collect, the more rewards you’ll access, such as the pet potion and the spin. You can increase your card count by scoring well. let’s lear more about all coin master card set list

You can choose from more than 400 different cards in the card game Coin Master. Around 254 towns and cities will gradually have access to these cards. Then, once you’ve unlocked a set, you can try trading with other players or participating in Gold Card Trading events. Collecting all 58 cards in the game will award you coins and allow you to complete a set. It’s an endless casual smartphone game. The result is that time passes quickly when playing.

In the Coin Master Game, the Coin Master Card Collection or Card Set is an important part. Eighty different coin master card sets make up the collection. There are 9 cards in each deck. In sum, 720 cards are available . There are common cards, and then there are the exceedingly uncommon ones. The more significant the impact of a Coin Mastercard, the rarer it is. Rare Coin Master cards are considered extremely rare in the card-collecting community, while Low Rare cards are more common.

What are the cards on coin master?

Cards can be obtained in many locations and are used as currency. Each themed Set of Cards has nine different cards. Players earn Spins and other fantastic incentives (such as Pets) for completing each Collection. You’ll get a higher payout if you have a rare Collection of Cards.

Types of Cards in Coin Master

In Coin Master, there are two types of cards.

  • Normal Card
  • Gold Card

Normal Card: This card can be sent and received by anyone in the game.

Gold Card: Only special events can be sent with this card.

Overview: Coin Master Card Sets 

About 400 playable Cards can be found in the Coin Master Game. There are 80 Card Sets in the Coin master card collection. These cards have a lot of worth. You are the only person in 254 towns who will give these cards to. Card Set opens from village level 3, and the last card set opens at village 305. In this list, I have listed out coin master card sets’ Name, Card Set completion rewards, Total Stars of all cards in the Card Set, the Village number which unlocks the card set, and the total number of golden cards in each card set.

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Coin Master Game: How To Get Different Cards

Coin Master has 3 different card-earning mechanisms. The game level determines the type of card you will receive. The ways are: Buy Chests, Viking Quest, and Card trading.

Buy Chests

When constructing a town, you will have the opportunity to purchase storage chests. Various types of cards can be found inside these chests. The cards you have access to in the game will vary depending on the level of your community.

You can win the treasure chest. These chests offer a better chance of acquiring rare cards than can be obtained through normal means.

Viking Quest

This is yet another fantastic method of acquiring valuable, rare gold cards. Playing Viking-themed slot machines can help you collect cards without wasting your spins.

Regularly completing Viking quests not only rewards you with rare gold cards but also speeds up your leveling process.

Trade-in Different Group

Trading with other players is a great way to get rare and special cards. During the event, you can make up to five-card trades daily with gold cards but only one with regular cards.

Total Rewards of all Coin Master Card Set 

Let’s examine the total rewards for each set.

  • Coin Master Card Collection: Total number of card sets: 80
  • The total number of card items in all the card sets is: 9 * 80 = 720
  • Total spin rewards after completing all card sets: 223700 (30% extra with Set Blast Event)
  • The total number of pet XP rewards after completing all card sets: 6,212,000 XP(30% extra with Set Blast Event)
  • Number of pet food rewards after completing all card sets: 140 (182 with 30% extra with Set Blast Event)

Coin Master Card Sets List

The following is a list of updated Coin Master Cards. 

Pets Card Set List

  • Fluffy Panda Card
  • Kitty Tiger Card
  • Deer Card
  • Alpaca Card
  • Mighty Bull Card
  • Best Friends Card
  • Funky Penguin Card
  • Puddy Cat Card
  • Holy Cow Card.

Statues Card Set List

  • Kangaroo Card
  • Walrus King Card
  • Sultan Card
  • Caveman Joe Card
  • Funky Totem Card
  • Water Girl Card
  • Golden Emperor Card
  • Troy Card
  • Neptune Card

Space Travel Card Set List

  • Captain Nash Card
  • Dr. Green Card
  • Iron Hand Card
  • Crusader Card
  • Buzz Card
  • Bionica Card
  • Cosmic Carl Card
  • Model Z Card
  • Robb-E Card.

Creatures Card Set List

  • Ghost Dog Card
  • Lady Truffle Card
  • Chinese Dragon Card
  • Blue Beak Card
  • Dino Card
  • Coin Gatherer Card
  • Greedy Dragon Card
  • Moon Crawler Card
  • Firebird Card.

Halloween Card Set List

  • El Mariachi Card
  • Guard Dog Card
  • Holy Grave Card
  • Jack o Lantern Card
  • El Diablo Card
  • Catrina Card
  • Throne of Thorns Card
  • Trick or Treat Card
  • Haunted House Card.

Alice Card Set List

  • Rabbit House Card
  • Queen’s Guard Card
  • Dodo Card
  • Cheshire Cat Card
  • Caterpillar Card
  • White Rabbit Card
  • Red Queen Card
  • Flamingo Card
  • Frog Servant Card.

Heroes Card Set List

  • Zombie Slayer Card
  • Genie Card
  • Samurai Bot Card
  • Lord of Coins Card
  • African Warrior Card
  • Croc Master Card
  • El Conquistador Card
  • Maharaja Card
  • Dwarf King Card.

Gnomes Card Set List

  • Suave Steven Card
  • Gnome House Card
  • Lawn Destroyer Card
  • Little Queen Card
  • Pink Fam Card
  • Little Lucy Card
  • Chill Caleb Card
  • Haunty Morty Card
  • Cheerful Chad Card.

Ocean Card Set List

  • Electric Eel Card
  • Jellyfish Card
  • Magical Squid Card
  • Nautilus Card
  • Ocean Treasure Card
  • Anglerfish Card
  • Captain Nemo Card
  • Mermaid Card
  • Deep Diver Card

Circus Card Set List

  • Lovable Leo Card
  • Monsieur Loyal Card
  • Armstrong Card
  • Trapeze Flier Card
  • Beltane Pyro Card
  • Fearsome Farini Card
  • Juggling Jumbo Card
  • Big Top Card
  • Fire Ring Card

Beanstalks Card Set List

  • Giant Andre Card
  • Mythical Tune Card
  • Lucky Jack Card
  • Great Stalk Card
  • Merry Matilda Card
  • Golden George Card
  • Magic Beans Card
  • Golden Egg Card
  • Farm House Card

Scotland Card Set List

  • Nessie Card
  • Meat Pie Card
  • Full Armor Card
  • Bagpipe Card
  • Scotch Card
  • Fiery Felix Card
  • Town Keep Card
  • Silly Scotty Card
  • Rebel Ram Card

Forest Coin master Card Set List

  • Fair Aranel Card
  • Old Ogod Card
  • Snoozy Erbag Card
  • Oak Cauldron Card
  • Captivating Celty Card
  • Elder Elk Card
  • Gifted Glinda Card
  • Calm Caldorei Card
  • Kingsfoil Card

Cyber Cowboys Card Set List

  • Darlin` Dollie Card
  • The Saloon Card
  • Sheriff Sawyer Card
  • Lenny the Lefty Card
  • Robo-Boot Card
  • Old Trail Express Card
  • Bionic Rob Card
  • Blazing Stallion Card
  • Lucky Hand Card

Swiss Card Set List

  • Handsome Helga Card
  • Swiss Resort Card
  • Swiss Knife Card
  • Fondue Card
  • Outfitted Olav Card
  • Cuddly Cujo Card
  • Flamur The Flutist Card
  • Calm Carlo Card
  • Playful Pan Card

Supervillains Card Set List

  • Skull Island Card
  • Amphibious Abe Card
  • Orc Overlord Card
  • Captain Slime Card
  • Mastermind Card
  • Atomic Mine Card
  • Lava Blaster Card
  • Queen Bee Card
  • Dr. Wicked Card

Knights Card Set List

  • Archery Camp Card
  • Golden Trophy Card
  • Camelot Tent Card
  • Sir Richard Knight Card
  • Knight of Night
  • The Fur King Card
  • Big Bob Smith Card
  • lucky Lance Card
  • Scotty Squire Card

Haunted Card Set List

  • The Last Candle Card
  • Giggles the Gargoyle Card
  • House of Horrors Card
  • Spike Card
  • Jolly Jasper Card
  • Haunted Harriet Card
  • Dante the Devout Card
  • The Beast Card
  • Spooky Simon Card

Steampunk Card Set List

  • Vital Part Card
  • Helpful Vance Card
  • Titan Suit Card
  • Fusion Battery Card
  • Greasy Abu Card
  • Stabilizer Core Card
  • Dr. Ashtear Card
  • Little Lucca Card
  • Machine Heart Card

Pe Salon Coin Master Card Set List

  • Ms. Buffy Card
  • Puddles Card
  • Kiki Card
  • Catniss Card
  • Berty Card
  • Punky Card
  • Gary Grooms Card
  • Queen Elizabark Card
  • Penny the Poodle Card

Warriors Card Set List

  • The Ol` Ball & Chain Card
  • Gary the Goblin Card
  • Warrior Woman Card
  • Top Knut Card
  • Pig Knight Card
  • Night Guard Card
  • Spiculus the Strong Card
  • Magical Monkey King Card
  • Muscular Minotaur Card

Fairy Tails Card Set List

  • Puss in Boots Card
  • Rapunzel Card
  • Snow White Card
  • Magical Carriage Card
  • Snazzy Sneezy Card
  • Morbid Molly CardRegal Richard Card
  • Evil Granny CardFurry Grandma Card

Sports Card Set List

  • Vain Vassili Card
  • Marvelous Malik Card
  • Olympic Flame Card
  • Jovial Jade Card
  • Coach Caleb Card
  • First Prize Card
  • Magnificent Michelle Card
  • Golden Cup Card
  • Large Liev Card

Route 66 Card Set List

  • Highway Patrol Card
  • Hitchhiking Hannah Card
  • Lone Star Card
  • Biker Bar Card
  • Old Dan Card
  • Double Burge Card
  • Hot Rod Card
  • Bar Hopper Card
  • Respectful Robert Card

Brazil Card Set List

  • Acai Card
  • Edgy Eddy Card
  • Merry Macaw Card
  • Resting Raquel Card
  • Talented Toco Card
  • Tourist Timmy Card
  • Jet Ski Card
  • Samba Dancer Card
  • Drummer Diego Card

Spirits Card Set List

  • Wild Burabura Card
  • Silent Shrine Card
  • Giggling Gaki Card
  • Cute Kodama Card
  • Curious Kyuubi Card
  • Hakuzosu Card
  • Tricky Tengu Card
  • Friendly Fujin Card
  • Shishigami Card

Spain Card Set List

  • Nosy Nicolás Card
  • Sweet Sara Card
  • Savvy Sancho Card
  • Sangria Card
  • Ramirez Legacy Card
  • Incisive Islero Card
  • Don Quixote Card
  • Torero Card
  • Paella Card

Artist Card Set List

  • Renaissance Man Card
  • Il Divino Card
  • Mellow Lisa Card
  • Vinny Van Ear Card
  • Model Behavior Card
  • Studio Time Card
  • Marble Man Card
  • Painters Palette Card
  • Pop Art Papa Card

Toys Card Set List

  • Jumbo Plane Card
  • Beautiful Bella Card
  • Mud Ride Card
  • Fierce Fortress Card
  • Hobby Horse Card
  • Portly Pete Card
  • Robo Rex Card
  • Tin Thomas Card
  • Terrific Ted Card

Goblins Card Set List

  • Brash Boris Card
  • Proud Pavel Card
  • Little Lenya Card
  • Barrel Tank Card
  • Swift Senya Card
  • Goblin Treasure CardKaboom Card
  • Cavern Keep Card
  • Tzar Tolya Card

Space Card Set List

  • Meticulous Marvin Card
  • Biodome Card
  • Blithe Bruno Card
  • Meteor Card Card
  • Star Gateway Card
  • MER-A Card
  • Andromeda Card
  • CM Enterprise Card
  • Peculiar Probe Card

Mexico Card Set List

  • Crazy Cactus Card
  • Luchador Card
  • Chilito Card
  • Cocky Kelso Card
  • Taco Card
  • Tequila Card
  • Frida Card
  • Mariachi Metal Card
  • Caring Caracara Card

Dinos Card Set List

  • Bossy Ross Card
  • Slow Abbot Card
  • Baby Triss Card
  • Ben the Bully Card
  • Rex Card
  • Mellow Matt Card
  • Gentle Delphie Card
  • Tall Tim Card
  • Gleeful Glenn Card

Camping Card Set List

  • Benevolent Ben Card
  • Bonfire Card
  • Trash Panda Card
  • Canteen Card
  • Fabulous Fly Card
  • Alert Albert Card
  • Resourceful Rita Card
  • Pathfinder Card
  • Walden Cabin Card

Mythical Card Set List

  • Cerberus Card
  • Cute Cupid Card
  • Medusa Card
  • Toffee Tree Card
  • Unicorn Card
  • Zeus Card
  • Mythical Dome Card
  • Olympias Card
  • Satyr Card

Baba Yaga Card Set List

  • Large Lemmy Card
  • Broom Vroom Card
  • Frightening Fred Card
  • Love Potion Card
  • Magic Skulls Card
  • Baba Yaga Card
  • Hot Cauldron Card
  • Creaky Crow Card
  • Full Moon Card

Sherlock Card Set List

  • Police Car Card
  • Detective Card
  • Tracking Toby Card
  • Not So Safe Card
  • Sherlock Card
  • Watson Card
  • Evidence Card
  • Mystery Mansion Card
  • Smoking Pipe Card

Venice Card Set List

  • Masquerade Card
  • Phantom Card
  • Creepy Cristina Card
  • Pizza Card
  • Doge’s Palace Card
  • Murano Glass Card
  • Charming Cesare Card
  • Gallant Gondolier Card
  • Golden Gondola Card

Beasts Card Set List

  • Reef Guardian Card
  • Emu Card
  • Snoozy Camel Card
  • Mighty Eagle Card
  • MC Buffalo Card
  • Ocean King Card
  • Asian Elephant Card
  • El Tigre Card
  • Mighty Lion Card

Items Card Set List

  • Treasure Map Card
  • Book of Spells Card
  • Space Quest Card
  • Lucky Strike Card
  • Magical Lamp Card
  • White Pearl Card
  • Pinata Card
  • Tomahawk Card
  • Last Chest Card

Sweets Card Set List

  • Chocolate Truffle Card
  • Sugar Rush Card
  • Cupcake Card
  • Doughnut Card
  • Gummy Bear Card
  • Ice Cream Card
  • Lemon Pie Card
  • Chocolate Bar Card

Bling Card Set List

  • Black Gold Card
  • Luxury Yacht Card
  • Starlet Card
  • Butler Card
  • Russian Diamond Card
  • Nick the Greek Card
  • Merchant Card
  • Steampunk Card
  • Bling Bling Card

Vikings Card Set List

  • Warrior Card
  • Fenrir Card
  • Viking Horn Card
  • Viking Queen Card
  • Golden Helmet Card
  • Thor Card
  • Olaf Card
  • Viking Gold Card
  • Viking Heart Card

Hot Rides Card Set List

  • Ghost Rider Card
  • Barrel Roll Card
  • Rock N Roll Card
  • Panzer Master Card
  • Space Drifter Card
  • Foxy Lady Card
  • Gold Rush Card
  • Zombie Slicer Card
  • Nitro Blast Card

Japan Coin master Card Set List

  • Geishabot Card
  • War Machine Card
  • Sky Racer Card
  • Robocat Card
  • Master Shop Card
  • Level Up Card
  • Kawaii Card
  • Karma Police Card
  • Sushi Card

Plants Card Set List

  • Tulips Card
  • Alien Plant Card
  • Desert Flower Card
  • Magic Tree Card
  • Lotus Card
  • Marshmallow Card
  • Oasis Card
  • Olive Tree Card
  • Jurassic Plant Card

OZ Coin Master Card Set List

  • Brick Road Card
  • Wicked Witch Card
  • Tornado Card
  • Toto Card
  • Tin Man Card
  • Scarecrow Card
  • Emerald City Card
  • Dorothy Card
  • Brave Lion Card

Africa Card Set List

  • Tribal Mask Card
  • Savanna King Card
  • Happy Hippo Card
  • Chill Zebra Card
  • Mad Horn Card
  • Pink Eddy Card
  • SilverBack Card
  • Lucky Clover Card
  • Big Tony Card

Legends Card Set List

  • Wild Bill Card
  • Godfather Card
  • Holy Monk Card
  • Jungle Jane Card
  • Kings Guard Card
  • Mighty Wizard Card
  • Planet Explorer Card
  • Pocahontas Card
  • Rembrandt Card

Ice Queen Card Set List

  • Polar Pooh Card
  • Northern Ale Card
  • Foxy Fiona Card
  • Fish Cube Card
  • Playful Penn Card
  • Satisfied Sam Card
  • Excalibur Card
  • Tundra Tom Card
  • Winter Queen Card

Christmas Card Set List

  • Santa’s Helper Card
  • Winter Cabin Card
  • Mistletoe Card
  • Majestic Rudolph Card
  • Santa Card
  • Santa’s Sled Card
  • Christmas Gift Card
  • Toy Machine Card
  • Holiday Tree Card

Sand Land Coin Master Card Set List

  • Space Mechanic Card
  • Speeder Card
  • Wild Wilbert Card
  • Martian Wine Card
  • Sandy Settlement Card
  • Martian Lettuce Card
  • Metal Marvin Card
  • Jelly John Card
  • Hoverboard Card

Egypt Card Set List

  • Ankh Card
  • Mighty Ra Card
  • Egyptian Cat Card
  • Cleopatra Card
  • All-Seeing Eye Card
  • Mummy Card
  • Pharaoh Card
  • Scarab Card
  • Cat Overseer Card

Robin Hood Card Set List

  • Serene Steve Card
  • Hunters Hut Card
  • The King Card
  • Fighting Monk Card
  • Oblivious Jeff Card
  • Delicate Princess Card
  • Robin Hood Card
  • Valiant Vlad Card
  • Merchant Wagon Card

Tribe Card Set List

  • Silly Sally Card
  • Polly Card
  • Butterfly Card
  • Sneaky Jaguar Card
  • Aztec Princess Card
  • Lucky Spade Card
  • Aztec Treasure Card
  • Jungle Flower Card
  • Montezuma Card

China Card Set List

  • Bill the Buffalo Card
  • Tractor Card
  • Royal Pup Card
  • Princess Pei Card
  • Fisher Hut Card
  • Farmer Feng Card
  • Emperor Zuo Card
  • Imperial Temple Card
  • Shishi Card

Canada Card Set List

  • Bomb Bear Card
  • Builder Beaver Card
  • Cozy Cabin Card
  • Forest Guardian Card
  • Fine Log Card
  • Lumberjack Bill Card
  • Maple Tree Card
  • Canadian Gold Card
  • Helpful Roger Card

Mongolia Card Set List

  • Bow and Arrow Card
  • Bow Master Card
  • Calm Charlie Card
  • Caring Cathy Card
  • Dear Dolly Card
  • Kettle Card
  • Motorcycle Card
  • Royal Tent Card
  • Sleepy Sam Card


With this guide, you should understand the different types of coin master card sets and what they do. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!



Question: How do I get free cards when playing Coin Master?

Answer: One way to increase one’s odds of obtaining free cards is to purchase more chests in each town.

Question: Why am I not getting new cards on Coin master?

Answer: You can unlock new cards as your village grows in strength. Opportunities to gain cards increase as one’s level rises.

Question: In Coin Master, which towns yield the finest cards?

Answer: Villages experiencing a boom are the ones that should be prioritized when acquiring cards. Due to the increased difficulty in developing rare cards, players dubbed these settlements “stopped villages.”

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