What Does Tiger Pet Do In Coin Master

All About The Tiger Pet In Coin Master

Pets are one of the most interesting features of the game. They’re more than just pretty faces, though. They come with several advantages that make them an invaluable part of the Coin Master gameplay.

In Coin Master, the games involving collecting pets are some of the most popular. Fans of Coin Master can collect them and even give them as presents to other players by trading them with them. The utility of pets in a game stems from more than just the fact that they are adorable; each pet possesses its own special set of benefits.

Each companion animal comes with its own one-of-a-kind perk that may be utilized in a variety of different Coin Master game iterations. When there is just one active pet, the user is only able to take advantage of one of the pet’s benefits. There is a cooldown of four hours on pets, and once that time has passed, players need to wait until the beginning of the following cycle before they can use the bonuses of a different pet.

What do Pets do In Coin Master?

The pets that players care for in Coin Master are an important part of the gameplay. Players of Coin Master can gain advantages from these partners in a variety of ways, including a boost in coinage, an improvement in safety, and other advantages. Coin Master includes a broad array of endearing creatures in its gameplay.

The various methods in which the pets might assist their masters are as diverse as the pets themselves, just as they would be in real life. With their assistance, you will be able to increase the value of your currency by a factor of two. Not only do these creatures make the game of Coin Master significantly more entertaining, but they are also wonderful company.

How to Get Pets In Coin Master?

To obtain a pet in Coin Master, you must pass through a number of levels. In Coin Master, getting to the fourth settlement is the first step. The first pet foxy is made available there. You must click on the egg’s crack in order to obtain this pet. A white bar will appear at the top of the screen when you are close to the egg. Click on the egg once when the white bar is there. This will open up the egg, and the pet foxy will jump out. You can then keep him. also need to unlock other pets by breaking eggs And unlocking them as you play.

To get the second pet, you have to collect all the coins again, and you can go to the next village in Coin Master. There, you will get a second pet. You will get another pet at the same time. After you have unlocked the foxy, you can use a special technique to unlock Tiger Pet. This is known as a coin trick. Here’s how it works: Go to the Coin Master game room and look for Coin Master’s Animals card set. The Animals card set has six cards. You can collect these cards by playing the game. When you have all the cards, go to Coin Master’s Beasts card set then you will get the pet, Tiger.

How To Unlock Tiger In Coin Master?

You will be able to obtain the Tiger as the second animal in Coin Master, and it is considered to be one of the most useful allies in the game. You can acquire extra gold by launching an assault on a village that is located nearby.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how to set Tiger free. You need to collect all of the beast cards before you can obtain access. If you choose Tiger as your companion animal, you will be shown an entertaining animated short that explains the various functions that the animals serve in Coin Master and why they are essential to your progress. Animals can be given food and leveled up in order to improve the number of rewards that they give.

 Coin Master Tiger Pet

While a player is assaulting, a coin master’s pet tiger is responsible for amassing additional coins for the player. As a reward, tiger pets receive a coin bonus equal to a percentage of their level. If you attack another town with this tiger and the barrier shield comes into play, you will be rewarded with an increased amount of gold.

By attacking with the Tiger, you can earn up to 410% more gold than usual (depending on the target’s defenses). Given the prevalence of attacks, a tiger is a useful tool for amassing wealth. You may even end up getting more coins than you would have gotten with a different weapon. In the game, when you attack a monster, you are allowed to attack one or more enemies. You get 10 attack values for each enemy that you attack. After all of your attack values are used up, you won’t get any more. However, you can use a special item called the Tiger to make your attack values increase.

You will find that this pet is of more use to you during the “Tiger Tournament” and the “Attack Madness Event.” You will have a better chance of winning this competition and will be able to accumulate more coins thanks to Tiger Pet’s assistance. As a result, it is highly recommended that you make use of this companion.

Coin Master Tiger Pet Level List

Tiger is a good character to level up since he or she allows you to earn more coinage every attack. Since attacks outnumber raids, this strategy can be rather fruitful. The Coin Master Tiger Level List will show you the optimal progression path to take to get all of the game’s trophies.

  • Level 1: 60% bonus on your attack
  • Level 21: 200 percent
  • Level 80: 300 percent
  • Level 181: 400 percent
  • Level 300: 417 percent bonus on your attack

This is the Tiger Max Level for Coin Masters, Level 300. At the maximum level, your attack boost is greater than 400%.

Upgrade Coin Master Tiger Pet

Even if you aren’t in the 221st village at the moment, Tiger is still a fantastic choice. If, for example, you don’t use the tactic of large-scale raids as part of your strategy, the number of raids that take place will be greatly reduced. If something like this happens, Tiger might be a better option than Foxy. As was noted earlier, the Tiger that can be found in village 140 can yield an increase in money of approximately 300,000,000. Using Foxy for Raids of up to a few million is obsolete now that this option is available. In point of fact, there are raids less frequently than there are attacks.

You can increase the number of coins that you get from village 141 by using a tiger. Tigers are great because they will give you a large number of coins from villagers. Using a tiger is a great way to earn a lot of coins. You don’t have to worry about raiding either because the tigers will only attack villages that are nearby to the one you are in.

Coin Master Pet Tiger Food

Until you give these pets something to eat, they won’t do anything for you. Any pet that has not long ago been given food will keep its normal level of energy for the following four hours.

You should never be in a hurry when you are feeding a pet in order to avoid wasting food from the meal that your pet is eating. It is not easy to acquire pet food.

How To Get Pet Food

The events that Coin Master provides can be used to assist you in acquiring additional food for your pets. Free food for pets can be obtained through participation in a number of different events, including Viking Quest, Tournament event, Village Master, and others. During the event, you will have the opportunity to feed these critters.

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Pet-based attacks in Coin Master are just as good as attacks based on money. The reason for this is that your pets can be used to make almost every aspect of the game more difficult for your opponent. For example, you can stop a raid on a slot machine by giving your pet food. You can also double the number of coins you can steal. You can even use your pet to help you to prevent your village from being raided. With all of the options available, it’s best to learn the best way to use your coin master pets.

Pets are one of the most useful items to use in Coin Master. You need to be careful what you do because some actions can get you banned from the game. For example, you can use “double attack” to earn twice as many coins from your raids. However, this also means you will attack twice as often. This could mean you get raided too many times and your village gets banned. You need to be careful and use only the user’s actions.


1. Which coin-collecting pet do you consider to be the best?

While the worth of each pet may vary from player to player due to its unique abilities, Foxy’s buff is among the most valuable in the game. No sacrifice on the part of the player is required.

2. How high does Tiger Pego in Coin Master?

The Tiger in village #140 can raise up to 1.5 million for an assault. If you have the foxy active, though, you can increase your maximum bet by 200 times, resulting in a 300,000,000 coin bounty. Now that is way ahead of the game, even compared to the 1.5 million coins.

3. How do I hatch my Tiger in Coin Master?

Coin Master explains how to incubate eggs. To hatch an egg, go to the Pet menu and then use the left and right arrows to select the egg you want to hatch. OK, that’s all there is to it! Your pet has joined you and is prepared to assist you.

4. How many levels does Coin Master have?

452 Levels. As the game proceeds, the difficulty of the stages steadily increases. As of September 2022, there are 452 stages in Coin Master.

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